Friday, July 15, 2011

Step 1, check. Step 2-Uh oh...

I used to have a retail business and I wanted to promote it without paying for it. So I became a radio host, a TV personality, and a newspaper columnist selling rakes and hoes and bolts and dishing out advice. You don't have to have good answers, just answers.
This led to irritated newsroom editors and the occasional hate mail. You ain't the big time if you don't get hate mail.
Before all this I wrote a piece for a bike magazine and they paid me for it. I was in love with two vixens, writing and greed. I took greed and went into business long enough to meet my creditors and their hate mail.
911 reminded me we are mortal and why the hell am I doing this. I went back to the other vixen and wrote a book. Many times. Same book, just again and again. I learned the craft and get hate mail from my friends now.
That was step one and it was really hard. Now I am digging through the hard layers of rock and dry clay you would call selling the thing.
I am seeking agents through query letters and they are big recyclers. When I do snag one, they still have to sell it to a guy with enough greed to want to take a chance on me. Then that guy's got to sell it to you and you and you.
So it is, here where the men are handsome and the women are... Crap, that's been taken. This is hard.

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