Sunday, July 22, 2012

After that story is written, and your writers group has destroyed your opinion of yourself and talent, right after you got back up and finished your masterpiece, then had an editor put you back to square one and the ice cream is devoured and the edit is done; that is when you went and got a book designer who made you cry the tears of frustration and delight.
But, there is a final step in the path of self-publishing. Formatting. You can do it yourself of course, but the learning curve is steep and full of late night ice cream. Google will help to hire a pro for a hundred and a few bucks. For what you ask? Well when the magic of word processing is hovering over the last period, remember that it won’t work on an e-reader. It has to be converted to a different software. Yeah, that sucks and who thought of that? Never you mind. When the formatting sits before you, you are so close now.
Wait a minute, after formatting you are done! Your beautiful prose is ready to upload to your e-book sellers. Congratulations! You are my hero! A king and queen of the land and riches await you. Gold will rain upon you. Your friends will adore you and whisper your name to their snotty friends. Now Shakespeare, go and find someone to sell it to. The real work begins.

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