Monday, October 22, 2012

My book launch adventure occurred yesterday and it went well. Well as in a deep hole. I entertained by nearly forgetting I was to be introduced. I backed away from the podium and stood like a leper while being wonderfully introduced, in flowing, loving, beautiful terms by Nancy.
Then stood in front of the crowd. ( yes a crowd) I said I would read from the book. Only the book was still out in the car. So I left my podium and my audience and dashed to the car, fumbled with the keys, found the book and then dashed back inside minus the picture I had for show and tell. So I had to use the thousand words that the picture was supposed to do. I did this while wheezing from all the dashing.
Being a project manager in possible good standing, I set up my smart phone to accept credit cards with a card swiper and everything weeks before I needed it. And I needed it right now. Only I could not remember where I put it. Therefore, we negotiated using sign language with the crowd and sold some books anyway. Where was this card reader that I bragged about to my audience? I have no idea until I loaded the lectern into the car after the show and remembered I had put it on the lectern where only sane and bright people could never miss it. Writers must not be sane and bright. The crowd did say my show was comedic…
So it was, as my button was pushed and I rise from mere writer to Author. Thanks for coming and supporting me!

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