Friday, November 9, 2012

Galloping on the school bus

When I was four I had a hobby horse. And you never saw Spike without seeing a hobby horse being whipped at full gallop complete with horse whinny vocalization. My brother Rick is 13 months older than me which means he was going off to school.
We lived on a gravel road way out in the boonies and on the first day of school, My Mom sent him out the door to wait for the bus. Now my brother said she had to watch from the kitchen window because he was no little kid, and he no longer needed his mother.So on that sunny fall day, I mounted my hobby horse and went outside to gallop back and forth across the lawn to impress the kids on the bus with my riding ability. Up and down the lawn I went. And then the bus roared upon our little utopia and came to a stop.
The dust coated Rick, me and my hobby horse. The door opened. Rick got on and so did me and my hobby horse. I took a seat and Rick looked a little embarrassed. I mean first day of school and your kid brother just got on the bus with a stick horse.
The bus driver closed the door, and the bus lumbered away. That was when Mom got to the road with her apron flying and crying my name. I rode all the way to school. Then I rode my hobby horse down the steps of the bus, and he was trying to get away so I had to pet his mane to calm him down. And right into my mom’s arms where she took me home and fed me pie. There is no love like a mother’s love.